Monday, December 28, 2009

Stripping hair color w Dawn liquid?

I need to strip the Clairol permanent color from my hair, just because it's too dark... I have a fair amount of gray, but lots of dying has made it too dark and I want to go light-to-medium brown. Of course, I DON'T want too much damage. I heard Dawn dishwashing liquid was a good idea, I also read on another question about using baking soda in the shampoo. I'm a little afraid to try L'oreal color stripper. Any advice?Stripping hair color w Dawn liquid?
I am a stylist and I'm here to help you. First step away from the PC and listen..

1 there is no such thing as a hair stripper. What most folks do is use a word associated with removing paint.

2 what is commonly used to TRY to remove the color is a powdered bleach. It rarely works and is very damaging to the hair.

3 The amount of color removed varies as to the color your trying to remove. Usually it is patchy and messy. not removing all The color evenly and also tends to leave a very ugly yellow in spots.

4 If I were you I would find a salon that has a color specialist if you can. If not call around until you find a salon that carries a product called Elimin8. It is made by Rusk. It is a color remover, what it does is remove oxidized color. That means, if the color in your hair is a permanent color or a demi color it was activated by peroxide. If it is an oxidized color it will remove it evenly and with very little stress to your hair. If you mix this product with shampoo you can gently lighten your color to very near what you want.Good luck!Stripping hair color w Dawn liquid?
I have tried this and it does not work and my hair looked like straw when I was done. The color will fade with each shampoo. Get yourself a good conditioner and don't use shampoo for color treated hair.
you don't use dawn soap to strip your color out of your hair . crazy! go to a salon and ask to get a toner that will tone the hair color down.
I'm not sure. But dish washing liquid is drying. do condition well after usage.

baking soda may be the good idea. Try it, don't think to much harm will come of it.

You can try rinsing with vinegar.
tide with bleach works too if you have it

if a shampoo has sulfur in it that will strip color out quickly as well
Clairol recommends using Prell shampoo to tone down color. You will need to use it several times and condition well.

Dawn is a surfactant and dissolves oil not hair color.

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